Statement Mission

Our concept respects a Statement Mission between the client, the house and the environment for the Buy&Sell Process and the renovation service if so. We do make personal adviser and brooking for our clients too, even on properties not listed by Ideacasa.



To the client

Respecting your freedom, wishes, and choices

Advising with professionalism and pragmatism

Informing and consulting at a distance

We strive continuously for your satisfaction step by step


To the house

Respecting strictly the local urbanistic rules

Searching for heating economy

Applying if possible the eco-friendly building methods

Insuring high technical and esthetical standard


To the environment

Respecting strictly the natural environment

Participate to economical and cultural development

Allowing harmonious cultural exchanges

Respecting local laws, traditions and culture

Allowing harmonious cultural exchanges

Respecting local laws, traditions and culture

Buying process

To instill confidence and trust in our ability, our network is at your disposal. Here are the steps of the the buying process


Step 1 : Searching & visiting

Find the property of your choice on All our Offers

If you do not find a suitable property, contact us

We will help you to come and visit the Abruzzo region and you can take advantage to peruse the properties on offer.




Step 2 : Purchase and intention to buy

During your stay, you choose the house of your dreams,

A complete legal arrangment is set up between you, the agency and the seller,

A buying agreement is formalised on paper (translated into your own language),

Deposit is paid to the agency to conclude the buying agreement (5 to 10% of purchase price)




Step 3 : Signing & payment of the purchase agreement

We assist you and the Seller in preparing the technical and administrative files to complete the buying contract.

The solicitor to verify the purchase documents before signing




Step 4 : Signing of the purchase agreement

We arrange the final appointment to the notary for the signing of the Buy&Sell Deed and final payment. Then you are the new owner.

After the registration of the deed by the notary, within two weeks a digital copy of the deed will be sent to you by mail.


After sales process

Once you have purchased the property we can continue to offer our services during the different stages of the house restoration. Each stage of the restoration process will meet your schedule as agreed at the outset, here are the details.


Stage 1 : the preleminary plans

Valuation Report on the property, 

Setting up of the Restoration works program (number of rooms and living areas, technical constraints, estimate of maximum restoration cost, time limits, specific wishes for the interior and exterior installations,...),

Setting up of the preleminary plans after consultation,

Delivery of the preleminary plans and schedule of work with concise estimation of of cost.




Stage 2 : the project

Preparation of the project with a recommanded architect of your choice (plans, estimating of quantity, cost and materials...)

Draft plans for agreement with consultation

Notification to tenda for work (2 or 3 builders)
Signing of the final agreement of the schedule of work




Step - contract 3 : the site management

Building site management,

Stage work report sent to the owner for information by e-mail,

All work conforming to local building regulation,

Final check of work as detail in schedule in your presence (optional).

Final payment to be made




Stage 4 : the maintenance and warranties

Assisting you with the ongoing maintenance of all technical installations (for example: heating, sewerage, plumbing...)

Verification of warranties: all building warranties are garanteed for 1 year and 10 years for structural building including roof 

The maintenance fee will be based on the length of time spent on your file and distance coved.